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Have You Been Struggling To Make Money Online?

Well our VIP Team have Cracked the Code to successful online marketing. We have created a Turnkey Solution that guarantees that all of our members make money daily!

We have put together several opportunities that compliment and go hand in hand with each other.

What does this mean for you?

It means that we have fully tested these systems to make sure that even an online newbie can start having success within hours.

What do I need to do to get started?

It’s very simple… You just need to follow and use the systems that we have put in place. Just get signed up and start taking Action! You will find all the training you need right here on our team site.

The Turnkey Solution We Have Put In Place For You

We have Three Opportunities that make up our Turnkey Solution for your Online Success. Even complete newbies are able to earn their first money online within hours.

  • 4 Corners Alliance Group

    We call 4 Corners the “Sleeping Giant”. For many years this program has slipped under the radar as being one of the simplest and best earning programs online.

    Over 40 top industry leaders have now joined together to create one of the largest team builds in internet history.

    4 Corners is a One Time $18 Purchase with no ongoing monthly fees.

  • Traffic Monsoon

    Traffic Monsoon (TM) is a Traffic Exchange – Revenue Sharing – PTC site, which is totally free to join. It is one of the highest paying PTC sites online at the moment. Their services provide high quality advertising targeted at people seeking a way to earn money online. TM uses superior account privacy, high level security, efficient account management, and a dedicated support team.

    Our team has developed strategies to help you start building your online income within hours.

  • Power Lead System

    Power Lead System (PLS) is the online marketing solution for all business owners. Power lead system helps you market any business you choose! You can make a One Time $7 Purchase to own the PLS basic Lead Lightning system to help generate and manage your leads.

Our Turnkey Solution is as Easy As 1-2-3 and will have you making money online in no time. 


4 Corners is our main business which is just a $18 one time purchase!

Traffic Monsoon is our advertising platform where you get paid to advertise! 

Power Lead System is the complete marketing system for any online business!


The only thing you need to do is to take Action. Once you take Action and follow our plan you will start to make money Guaranteed! 


You will also get access to our VIP Members Area where we have all the training you need to get started!

How To Get Started?

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4 Corners Alliance Group

Our Main Business

Turn A One Time $18 Purchase

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Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is Free to Join

We use this platform to generate

New Leads and Income


Power Lead System

Get Started With PLS For Just $7

The Lead Lightning Package Has All

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